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Default Custom cover

********* 2/1/13 update *********

Big new stand needs a big new cover. Since the press/stand will be in the garage full time, there is no shortage of dust, dog hair and other interesting things that occupy that shared space. Preventing unnecessary wear and tear in a good thing.

Since a heavy canvas wasn't available in the red I liked, I decided to "bond" two colors for two reasons. Having the fabric sewn together would give me the heavier canvas feel as well as being more durable. Backing the red (exterior) with black (interior) means than dirt/grime/grease from the press will not be noticeable on the cloth as it will blend.

Decided to put a "split" about 2/3 up the left seam as that would allow the bullet tray arm to hang out while still covering the rest of the press/stand without looking too much like a tent. The cover also keeps the motion sensor for the light "in the dark" and off ;-)

Cover pics:
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