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Ill be there I may be plus 1 or plus 3 I'm working on it right now. I wish I could shoot my new AR pistol but Im sure the ranges high frag ammo is out. Sorry I missed last months I was sick. I'll update within an hour.
Happens every month where I send out text and people are slow to respond. I'll be plus one for sure and pay for a ghost if I can't dig one up (want to go shoot my guns and ammo for free?). I'm sure I'll have a few but to be safe plus 1.
I did send the range an email saying if I could shoot my ar pistol with 7.5" barrel and bring my own ammo as the fps drops huge. If they allow anyone can shoot it. I hope it would run ok lol. See you guys tomorrow.
Originally Posted by Gwalker99 View Post
""Calgunners couldn't wait to start falling all over themselves as to how to best comply""

half of you here are weak and lame that will basically wind up being happy with .22 single shot pistols or single barrel shotguns..

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