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Originally Posted by stix213 View Post
PPT's are face to face transfers between residents of the same state. He'd have to move here or configure for SSE to do it, neither are practical for this.
What he said^^.
As implemented, both parties must be California residents
Note: revisions to this subsection are possible in the future; Mar 23 2009.
The DROS software will accept only California-issued identification, or military identification with Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders to California for PPT transactions.
There appear to be two reasons for this:
If one party is not from California, the transfer becomes INTERSTATE and is governed by Federal Law (18 USC 922(a)(3) and (a)5))in addition to California Law and
The Dealer Record of Sale software (DROS -- see page 40 in the .pdf) will accept only California or military identification documents.
This last would seem to apply only to the buyer - why then would the seller be subject to DROS? The dealer must be prepared for the buyer to fail the background check. If that were to occur, the dealer would have to attempt to convey the gun back to the seller - and that return requires a background check on the seller. To wit: Part of Penal Code 12082(a)
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