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Originally Posted by stinkfinger View Post
Although, I live in the silver valley. I would be weary of drinking water from the coeur d'alene river or any streams near me. At least in large volumes. This area was very heavily mined for a very long period of time. The EPA is still re-mediating lead from residents yards.
is that area a super fund site? from what you say it sounds like it. not suprised though.

Originally Posted by stinkfinger View Post
Everyday there are more people moving here, especially from california. There are a very large number of california retirees here, and a large majority are snowbirds.
of course a lot of people are moving from here. look at what is happening. sine their vote doesn't mean Sh*t here anymore they are doing it with their wallets and feat. they are outta here. can't say i blame anyone for moving from here this place is a sesspool of crap and statism at it's best.

Public Safety Chairman Reggie Jones Sawyer, D-Los Angeles said, “This is California; we don’t pay too much attention to the Constitution,”
contact the governor
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