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Originally Posted by joelogic View Post
Multigun is the future and 3 Gun Nation was getting a large following.
I have to completely disagree. Multigun is dynamic, and fun to watch, but it is FAR eclipsed by handgun competitions in the state (and across the country). And with ammo prices continuing to skyrocket, as well as the threat of new modern sporting rifle laws hovering over us, Pistol will continue to dominate the action shooting sports.

The GSSF choice as a first step is good because, 1) it's a small step rather than an initial over-reach, 2) it will put the logo/reps in front of a LOT of people (including many newbie shooters) since GSSF matches are well-attended, 3) the initial team selection doesn't mean that the names won't change and/or additional shooters added down the road, and 4) GSSF is probably something that the CGSSA coordinator is comfortable with. If you are going to set up something like this, you should start with a forum in which you are experienced.

It's a first step. Let them take it without all the criticism. Once the CGSSA team/program is established and running, then start arguing why it should be expanded into other flavors of shooting sports.
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