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I have been looking into Idaho for a while now. I am hoping to make the change in the next year. I have very little debt, and should have it paid off within 6 months. My wife is going to nursing school, and currently works in a pharmacy. Not sure what jobs will be like up there for her. For me, I am a welder, and what I have seen there (at least on job search engines) is that pay is equal to what it is here for welders, and sometimes better. There is not much of a demand here, I see maybe one job a month come up within a 45 minute commute radius. When I look in Idaho, I generally see a dozen or so welding/fabrication jobs, which gives me some confidence.

Welders here, I generally see jobs listed at $12 an hour, sometimes $13. In Idaho, I generally see them between $11-16 an hour, and I have seen some in the Hayden area for up to $24 with enough experience.
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