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I have taken every opportunity to argue in defense of out rights lately with friends, aquaintances, and strangers. So many of my anti-gun friends and acquaintances are so vastly uninformed on issues surrounding guns and violence that it isn't long before I expose the flaws in their facts. Most of the time these people are smart enough that when they realise the facts are in my favor they just stop participating in the debate. Many have made just flagarantly wrong statements, like "pistol grips make it easier to fire from the hip and shoot more people." When I point out that pistol grips put your wrist at a less natural angle than traditioinal rifle stocks when held at the hip and that hip fire sacrafices virtually all of the advantage in stability and accuracy of having a stock to your shoulder, they end their involvement in the debate with me.

I remain respectful and logical throughout this, because they always like to say the pro gun argument is emotional. Sure it is, I am passionate about my rights, but when I support my arguments with facts and they rely on fear, uncertainty, and doubt, well, that is a win for me.
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