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Originally Posted by Mazdaspeed Jon View Post
Again I understand your desire to have everyone compete as a team.

Good luck in your first CGSSA adventure.
Thank you for your understanding. As I said before when other opportunities present themselves we'll be sure to make the opportunity known.

Originally Posted by joelogic View Post
I think the question is, "What is the point of the CGN team?" If it is to spread good will why not just give out 10 jerseys and some talking points. If it is to win prizes at a lower entry cost then GSSF is a good way to go.

Like I said, we are not knocking the idea. Just having a creative discussion.
Well, you may not be, but there are some other that are coming off as rather bitter.

Anyway, the point behind the team is to bring the forum to life at the range. Put faces behind UserIDs/Avatars and show others who are not familiar with / CGSSA the camaraderie that occurs between members while working together to achieve a common goal. There is obviously going to be a marketing aspect for the forum, but it's going to be driven by the team rather than just a name on jersey in the crowd. If you've ever been to one of the monthly or big shoot you know exactly what I am referring to. Sure you can give out some jerseys, talking points, and business cards, but if the person doing the representation doesn't have a vested interest it's not going to be as effective.

With GSSF the team isn't eligible for any prizes other than a plaque if they place in the top 3, so that clearly is not a driving factor. However, they do provide cost effective way for an organization to get their feet wet in the arena of organized shooting sports.

I hope that helps provide some clarification.

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