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Default 7mm Rem Mag suggestions

Hey All,

Just got my Lee 3 die set for 7mm mag. My reloading experience is limited to .45 ACP and .40 s&w. When I started to reload those I got some starting point/recipe suggestions from my Dad and friends to narrow down the trial and error of finding the right mix. While I still try new mixes for those I am looking for some of the same advice for the 7mm mag. Gun is a 700 cdl and will primarily be used for norcal pigs and deer so I am looking in the 139-150 grain range. Wont be in the lead free zones for a while so at this point any info as far as lead bullets brand/type/weight and powder brand/loads would be great. I have a reloading book and will be checking all suggestions with it as reference but I dont have the cash to try all the options it lists at this point and could use the advice......

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