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Originally Posted by PM720 View Post
Just a curiousity question for the guys pushing 3 gun or USPSA type stuff here, what are the average entries at the local matches and do they have any team type competition? I mean like GSSF where 3 guys shoot for a combined score against other TEAMS?
Post #13?

But no, team events are not very common in USPSA/3-gun events, though they do exist.

However, whats the big difference if there's a team event or not?
The only thing that GSSF does is add three individual scores together, its not really an event, is it?

If the main purpose of the team is to win, or show up, together with the other 3-4 teams that they usually have in a GSSF match, then yeah, mission accomplished.

Advertising CGN, talking to people, making connections and promoting gun use and shooting in general isnt hinging on that single line in the results, those things are done before, during and after the match and would basically be the same in any other match, no matter if they have a team event or not.

So, I dont really see the point of picking GSSF just because they have a team event when there are other matches and events where a "team" is likely to get more visibility and publicity.

It feels more like the event was picked based on the people who were initially chosen for the team, rather than a look at how to maximize visibility and publicity. Though, I dont know the background of the team or what the stated goal is, more than participating, so I might be way off in left field here.

Either way, good luck to the team... Bring home some Glocks!
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