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Thanks to everyone who came made it out to the first of the monthly meets at Iron Sights. We had a couple of surprised Calgunners "drop in" at the meet, so apparently I need to do some work on publicizing the events in the future.

It was good to meet some of the new members and some of the regulars. I got involved in a few side discussions and wasn't able to join everyone out on the range, but I did take a few poor photos late in the evening. Sorry- guns over cameras for me everytime.

Legasat with his M&P


the two with Speedrrracer

The highlights for me was obviously not taking pictures; rather, they were what it usually is during Calguns meets. I got to shoot two guns for the first time, and one was a WWII issued .45! You're not going to be doing that too often. That and I didn't get blown up by 30 year old ammo being tested by Speedrrracer.

Look forward to seeing more San Diego Calgunners at future events!

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