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Well, I put down a deposit for a Superior Encore 22 safe. It only has the 12 gauge body but I plan on putting it in a corner so that eliminates one side and won't be able to pry the door. I'm working on the garage so when it comes in I plan on putting shelving/work bench around it to limit access to the remaining sides.

I can get the deposit back or put it towards another safe. Anything real bad to say about it before I pull the trigger all the way?

I know I'll need bigger in the future but I figure that this will do for now. When it's time to upgrade I can just sell this one or I can sell it back to West Coast Safes for 60% of the original price.

Also, I got the safe, dehumidifier, interior lighting, granite finish, taxes, shipping and installation for just under $1,700.

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