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If you were to file a class action LS., the CA state gov would just throw it to the people and say "this is what the people of the state wanted" It is very difficult to sue a goverment and its policies that were voted on by the people.
that being said, Jerry Brown did not put the open carry bill up for a vote, nor did he put any of the other laws he mandated up for a vote. The only bill that he ever had the citizens of CA vote on was prop 30 which funnels money thru schools to support the prison system.

If you wre going to file this sort of law suite it would have to be against Edmud Jerry Brown himself. This is not a bad idea. After all this non-sense is unfolded in DC and they figure out what is constitutional and what is not, like the magazine capacity, then we will have a leg to stand on. Yesterday they cam to a conclusion thaty limiting the capacity of a magazine was unconstitutional because the police need to have that many rounds in teir firearms to protect themselves and the people of this country agains criminals and the people that wish to do this country harm.
Som bills are being introduced to the CA state senate like as follows

SB 53, introduced by "F" rated state Senator Kevin de León, would require ammunition purchasers to obtain a permit and pay an annual fee (tax). This bill will also ban online and mail order sales of all ammunition, and require registration and thumbprinting for all ammunition purchases.

SB 47 , introduced by "F" rated state Senator Leland Yee, would expand the prohibitions on the sale and possession of “assault weapons” to include hundred of firearms currently lawful for sale in California.

SB 108 , also introduced by state Senator Yee, would require a firearm to be placed in a locked container or otherwise be disassembled each time the owner leaves his or her property.

AJR 5, introduced by "F" rated state Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, would urge the President and Congress to support and pass Senator Feinstein’s proposed legislation prohibiting the sale, transfer, importation, and manufacturing of assault weapons, and large-capacity magazines.

HR 1, introduced by "F" rated state Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner, would be a standing rule of the Assembly, which would state, a person, except a peace officer acting within the scope of his or her employment, may not carry or possess a firearm on the floor of the Assembly during any session of the Assembly or in a committee hearing room during any meeting of a committee or subcommittee.

AB 48, introduced by “F” rated Assemblyman Nancy Skinner, would require reporting of ammunition sales, licensing of ammunition dealers and other controls of ammunition, similar to firearms. This bill would also expand the definition of large capacity magazine to include any readily restorable or disassembled magazine that appears to hold more than ten rounds, and would require notification to local law enforcement if an individual buys anything more than a small amount of ammunition in a five-day period.

AB 169, introduced by “F” rated state Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, would prohibit members of the general public from transferring any handgun that is not on, or drops off of, the state’s roster of approved handgun, to anyone other than a family member or spouse.

AB 174, introduced by anti-gun Assemblyman Rob Bonita, would remove the grandfather clause on existing firearms that are currently illegal to purchase, but are legal to possess if they were owned prior to making the firearm illegal.
AB 187, also introduced by Assemblyman Bonita, would impose an additional tax on the sale of ammunition.,

These laws are clearly unconstitutional and need to be ban from the laws.
This is why you need to get with it and write your reps and tell them how you feel. It is essential that we overfill their inbox and mail boxes with letters, they need to get the point.
I write in once in the morning before work, at lunch and when I come home. I send the same letter over and over but that need to happen with all of us. They will listen if there are enough letters.
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