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Originally Posted by deac777 View Post
Very nice work in building up your press stand. In fact, you have inspired me to build a similar stand for two of my presses. I'd like to hear about how well the press works once you have the wheels installed.

FYI somewhere in your post I saw that you are located in the East Bay. I found a place in San Leandro to buy metals. It is called Alco Metals, on the corner of Davis St. and Doolittle Drive. I bought all my metal plates and square pipe from them.
Thanks. Was a good learning experience and I'd say everything turned out as planned. Having said that and now having used the stand, here's what I would do differently:
  1. Use double-lock break casters (I've ordered those as that's an easy fix). Although my wheels lock, the swivels still rotate, causing the stand to move slightly.
  2. Use a heavier (thicker) plate for the bottom of the stand. I have no issues with the down stroke (no flex or movement of the stand), but on the upstroke for priming, the stand can move more and depending on how much force is used to seat a primer, can barely lift the stand. I would naturally go overboard with 3/4-1" plating. Thanks to Alco Metals (I wish I knew about them before starting the journey), I picked up a 34lb rolled bar scrap to use as a counterweight on the top front of the stand (yes, I'll pretty it up to match the stand). It will be portable (not permanently mounted to the stand) and used as necessary.
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