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Originally Posted by downdiver2 View Post
Have a question:

I visit frequently the area of Fort Mohave, bull head as we do boating and my in laws have a vacation home there. Very close to there and sometimes without knowing, we cross into Tribal lands. (On the 95 after Needles, you have to drive through tribal land).

Last year I asked if they honor the constitutional carry and the tribal police chief I spoke with said "NO".

Heres what they posted on a search I found: *See bold and underlined below. Does this mean a CCW permit is such documents?
Thank you,

This may be best answered by getting the local law enforcement entity to address the issue in writing. Did you speak with chief of police Armstrong? His contact info is located at:

A quick note explaining how much you like/frequent the area and you just want to confirm that your CCW under these provisions will be honored will get you the answer. Make it an affirmative "just want to make sure we're good" kind of note. If he says, no, then he can also offer a reason.

Good luck.

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