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I prefer to err on the side of the larger. Its nice to be able to spread stuff out, and keep everything seperated. It seems im always running out of space on my office desk as ive collected more and more equipment.

Now the tumbler and media seperator are on a folding table, my single stage and powder measure are on my workbench, my progressive is on my desk table, and my lee classic turret sits unmounted and relegated to a dark corner of the garage where it will stay until it learns how to be a better press. My ammo storage, dies, powder, accessories, scale, primers, trimmers bullets are all stacked into the desk hutch and drawers. If it was my only bench i would be really hurting for space and storage.

I can think of a million things to do with extra bench space (mount a vice, table saw, gun cleaning area) and if its gonna be your only work surface you will be glad you built it large enough to accomodate your expanding collection of reloading gear.
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