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Originally Posted by sholling View Post
Surrendering in advance emboldens gun grabbers and assures restrictions on the size and number of magazines you can carry on a LTC will be put forward by those fighting carry rights. After all the god of gun rights says it's reasonable and constitutional. Bottom line that was an extremely stupid thing to say.
Same thing he did during Heller oral arguments. Have a listen for yourself, he is about the least confident person I have ever heard at SCOTUS oral arguments. This guy is no "rock star", he just got lucky, and had a great deal of amicus support. If you ever meet him you might ask him what would have happened had Sandra Day O'Connor not retired before Heller was heard. It was certainly not foreseeable when he filed his case.

I think most people that have actually studied the court realize what a disaster Heller would have been if that hadn't happened. Which of course is the reason the NRA hadn't filed a similar suit. The little known truth here is that thanks to Gura we nearly lost the RKBA forever. But, of course that isn't how history played out...
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