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Originally Posted by hoffmang View Post
You mean we've already won the right to carry a loaded handgun in public in California. Wow?! I missed that.
I must have missed that to because it's been a heck of a long two weeks.

There is a time and place for many arguments and you're missing something.
You're missing the point in your knee jerk defense. No we may never get the right to carry AR15s in the park but his comments in a public forum were a bad screw up because they may embolden our enemies to slap a one or two 10rd or even a single 7rd mag limit on handgun carry licenses (time, place, and manner) and then we spend another 2-3 years after winning shall-issue fighting to get past the Barney Fife Memorial one bullet only while carrying law. His choice of words in his effort to sound reasonable can and likely will be used against us in legislatures.

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