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Originally Posted by kaligaran View Post
I've only been in CA for 16 months and to the best of my knowledge the CA AWB hasn't been challenged in court, can anyone confirm/deny?

If the NY AWB was struck down on a federal level, would that verdict change anything here in CA? I assume it would just be ammo for the prosecution to challenge other state laws.

I know Woollard v. Sheridan in MD had no impact on CA 'good cause' statement requirement directly, just wondering if a federal ruling on something like this would.

Just really trying to get my head around state/federal rulings and how they impact each other.
In my opinion (others may say different) the only thing that matters in California is the Supreme Court (of both the state and the US). The reason is the anti-gun feeling here is so strong that it takes an absolute authority to get anything done.

The California AWB is being challenged (it started at the end of 2011) and nothing has happened of yet, and we'll be lucky to see anything happen in our life time because it is in CAs interest to just drag it out because we can't seem to get injunctive relief.
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