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Originally Posted by Phil3 View Post
Just who are the vocal protestor and anti-gunners? Are they organized, a group from the Brady bunch, have a leader, or...? How many are there? If I get to this, I just want to know what to expect and be better prepared to handle who I will face.

Phil, the anti gunners are primarily a mixed bunch of misinformed and uneducated residents. LG if you don't already know rates pretty high on the affluence scale so there are a lot of people with a lot of time on their hands. I wouldn't say they are organized in any sense of the word but you can probably get the idea. As of late the media has been full of misinformation and rabid anti gun propaganda. This of course is fueling the fire. We believe as long as we abide by the laws set forth by our local, state and Federal governments, we should be free to conduct our business as we choose. We do not sell to children, felons, the mentally unfit. We abide by the background check laws that have been established for years. We pose no imminent threat to any person in our community based on the products that we sell. We also reject that the assumption that we would be better suited in another neighborhood. We choose to work where we live. That happens to be Los Gatos. This issue should be cause for concern for every citizen that supports the Second Amendment. A win for the anti gun here would signal the erosion of guns rights at a very basic level. As law abiding business people we can only conduct our business in a respectful and ethical manner. We will never convince every anti gun lobbyist but we are here to stay because we have done nothing wrong or illegal.
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