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Originally Posted by cduff View Post
I recently bought an AMSEC BF7240 (Burglary-Fire; 72" high x 40" wide). It isn't cheap, something like $3,000, but I figure it is worth it given the value of the contents.
Originally Posted by cduff View Post
I was wrong about the AMSEC BF having a 1/4" door; I just checked and it is actually 1/2". However the body walls are only 1/8" (~11 GA).
I too have a BF series. The front door is 1/2" plate. Sides are 11 gauge outer layer, with a 16 gauge inner that encloses a sandwich of cast material (think lightweight concrete/firebrick). This makes it rather annoying to hack into -- it's no substitute for half inch armor all round, but it's considerably stiffer than 11 gauge backed with gypsum fireboard. With respect to fire protection, it's one of the best layouts found among the consumer-grade RSC safes available.

For the value the OP is looking to protect or a bit more, this is an appropriate choice. You will pay a little extra for the AMSEC name and such but it is good quality, in the RSC class.

Other options in about this range -- there's Sturdy of course, you can get thicker metal for the same price, however theirs is not a composite and uses a different fire protection strategy (ceramic wool). Or you may be able to find a true B-rate, either used or imported, for similar cost.

Whatever you get, get it bolted down!
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