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Originally Posted by stinkfinger View Post
PC, I don't know how you got the impression that there are plenty of jobs in the CDA area. Well let me rephrase that, there are jobs, if you are in the medical field. Before everyone says I have no idea what I am talking about, I'll give you some history. My wife and I moved here last spring. We moved only after she had a job offer. She is a PA. She makes decent money. We bought before we came. I searched for 4 months for employment before even getting a interview. No I was not picky, I applied for virtually all work that I was qualified for, including very remedial labor. I was/am a ASE master technician. I have no desire to work as a mechanic anymore. Most jobs out here pay very little. Some examples; cabelas $9.00/hr, landscaping $7-11/hr with experience, firefighters start at 36k for kootenai fire, smaller departments are $9.25/hr, police officers 19.15/hr. Some people choose to commute to spokane because the wages are higher. So, I am just trying to tell everyone the grass is not always greener, there always is some sort of compromise...
That backs up what I've been hearing. My take on it is that it's a place you retire to due to its low cost of living - assuming the cold by that age hasn't made it a no-go. Like others have said, it's a beautiful place, just not somewhere you show up needing to pay bills.
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