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After spending 3 months and 15,000 rounds learning center axis relock I have come to the realization that it is really only good for very close range defensive shooting. We're talking at most 10-15 feet unless you get VERY good at it. Honestly, it's easier to just learn how to manage recoil properly than learn CAR. Tried shooting a couple stages of competition at a lower level and I still got destroyed.
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And menstrual cramps? Seriously, you [nrakid88] have complained about more things here than I think I have ever seen in a single thread ...air quality, noise, discomfort from glasses, "feminine attributes," and "macho masculinity," and sexism (there's an ironic disconnect here somewhere), compassion, grammar, people "tearing you down," your more-sensitive-than-normal ears, people who you perceive to be recoil-sensitive, how you "FEEL", liberals........ are you for real???
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