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Originally Posted by Born To Glock View Post
While certainly not a scietific poll by any measure, it is interesting that (so far) 12 respondants would rather give $350 to either NRA-ILA, CGF, or SAF, rather than use the money to purchase a life membership in CRPA.

It's a real shame, though, because it seems like an organization like CRPA should be an important component of supporting the 2nd Amendment here in California, but based on the apparently bad perception out there, it's hard to imagine that they are actually effective or that the negative perception of them is misguided.

CRPA has a very good lobbyist in Sac. A yearly membership would not hurt you and help 2A in this state. Bottom line! I am not a CRPA fan, but they do have the only CA lobbyist in this state worth beans other than our local NRA lobbyist. At least that I know of.