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Originally Posted by trex65mil View Post
Hey guys, with tax season coming up, I'm expecting to get a refund and I was thinking of getting a safe with the money (if I can also convince my wife that is). I was hoping some of you might be able to give me some recommendations on what you've seen out there and what you like. Something I haven't seen very much of is a waterproof/resistant gun safe. I think if I got a big ol' safe I'd want to put some important papers in there too and if, god forbid, there was a fire or anything, I know they're fireproof to an extent, but when fire crews get there, they're gonna be hosing everything down. I'm looking for something in the 15-20 gun range. I'd appreciate it if you would just share some general knowledge you might have too (good brand, bad, different warranties) since I'm just starting to look around. Thanks.
Id recommend putting a value on what you plan to store in it, then buy a safe that is of equal value. High quality is expensive. If your collection merits it, I could not recommend any more highly than a Graffunder. I am in the process of saving for one and hope to have enough for one in another 3 or 4 years.
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