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Originally Posted by Tincon View Post
Seems that you made $6,000 from the banquets. Not a huge sum, but better than cost neutral. Also I notice there is quite a bit of revenue attributed to a general "Fundraising" category. I wonder if some of that might be directly or indirectly attributable to the banquets. In any case seems like a harmless activity, not too different from many things calgunners enjoy. Hardly a reason not to join or donate.
Not a harmless activity if it becomes the prominent feature of your own newsletter and gives the impression that your organization is more about social activities than about lobbying, activism and shooting.

From the news letter and financial information I've seen, it really does appear to me that there a few people making $100,000+ per year and throwing themselves banquets while doing so. I don't see being on the board of CRPA being a full-time employment position, so that seems excessive. I'd much rather see outreach at shooting ranges, literature in gun stores and much more frequent community activities to introduce new people to the sport than the glad handing and back slapping that occurs at those banquets.

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