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Well, I'll take the OP's question seriously. I discussed my family's plans a few years ago here.

In brief, if we had to ditch Livermore we'd go to stay with or near family in other locations in California. The state's big enough that any natural disaster isn't going to knock everything out at once.

My grandma's place in Concord is, amazingly, actually reasonably defensible and self-sufficient; if the Central Valley seems advisable we have family in Visalia/Tulare; if the foothills seem better we've got family up there as well. Most important is that all those folks either know of our plans or would welcome us if we showed up.

Afterthought: As for the OP's idea to hightail it to a Vegas hotel, that's not actually a bad idea, but 1) will you be able to get there, and 2) will you get there before everybody else heading there from Cali arrives and locks up all of the hotel rooms? Not a joke: this RAND study had some very interesting maps about California evacuation patterns and Vegas gets overwhelmed after even a minor event in the LA basin.

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