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Originally Posted by gorenut View Post
Just to be clear.. my "love" was sarcasm. I can't agree with your point about kids being desensitized to killing solely based on video games and movies... but Hollywood does need to STFU a lot of times. If anything, lack of parenting and just shoving brain pills into a kid's mouth hoping for magic fixes really mess things up more. Just look up all the spree shooters and you'll notice majority of them were on psychiatric meds.
I know. Clever, aren't I?

I think since they (Hollywood) seem to take such an active role in battling the 2A, they should have to answer up for their own sins. Which are much more significant contributors to the problem than you or I. Yet they use their influence that is made possible by us, and our money, against us. And for that I say they should eat a duck.

Are pills causing a problem? Maybe so, its hard to say since we don't know what our kids would be like if they weren't programmed to kill from a young age. But I don't see the pharmaceuticals on TV screaming for our guns to be taken from us, that is done by people like Scarlett Johanson, Silvester Stalone, etc etc.
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