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Originally Posted by spy-d View Post
I know. Up where I live, The posted speed limit is 30 MPH. We have 4 lanes through town. IF you are doing 30 and everyone else is at 45, Then you are creating a traffic problem and you can get a ticket.

Failing to keep up with traffic is a citeable offence.
I believe you are thinking of minimum speed law / impeding the flow of traffic 22400a CVC. I'm not sure given your example that would hold up in court. Since everyone else is in violation the posted speed limit. You would need to be causing a significant delay to traffic by driving well below the posted speed.

I can't recall a citable section that requires slower drivers to keep up with traffic flow. 21654 a CVC requires slow moving vehicles to drive as far to the right as possible, not keep up with the flow of traffic.
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