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I agree with that, and more perhaps what LaPierre's role really is and where he is the most effective.

However we have to at least see that the NRA, in the court of public relations and image handling in the mainstream, can use more charisma and a better strategy. It certainly is that LaPierre should not be the only source in front of a camera doing that. It needs to be more saavy, and in a way that represents also a voice to a younger generation as well.


Originally Posted by bwiese View Post
Most of you folks are forgetting the issue.

Wayne's not there to impress Joe Blow. Other outreach stuff is for that.

Wayne is there to exert pressure and not necessarily by his public words.

It doesn't matter what he says if House (and even perhaps Seneate) won't fold on gun votes.

It's always important to remember which game is playing.

The real message is "I showed up and didn't delegate this to usual lobbying channels. We're serious, mofos. Remember '94."
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