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Originally Posted by warbird View Post
i think the facts are speaking for themselves. People see him as "The Gun Owner" and they are turned off. 4 million NRA members but 80 million gun owners. the vote is in and the NRA is losing badly. How does the NRA get some of those 76 million gun owners? Change everything. Public image, speakers, everything. First to go should be LaPierre but it should not stop there. There needs to be a complete houscleaning and while the message should not change the messenger has to along with the tactics. The NRA is doing the same things and expecting different results. The last time i heard that was definition of insanity when someone keeps doing the same thing expecting different results. And the NRA wonders why gun owners are not joining. Bad image, bad tactics, and bad results even among those the NRA expects to recruit. calguns is more impressive and maybe it needs chapters in every state.
Agreed. The NRA needs to send someone over to CGF with a pencil and notebook.
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