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Originally Posted by 211275 View Post
Hes awful and the main reason I wont join the NRA. Keene is 10 times better and should be the one out front for the NRA
Keene has been on TV fairly often - that doesn't work to loosen up your wallet a bit? One person is on your "don't like list" and that's why you don't join NRA - really? LaPierre hasn't been in his NRA position forever. Were you ever in NRA?

I will agree, NRA ought to use someone other than LaPierre when addressing middle of the road types. It seems to me he's best for preaching to the choir.

I've been and am in all sorts of organizations. I don't agree with everything they stand for or how they're run, it's always a balancing act. With ACLU I'm lucky to hit "50 - 50".

To borrow a phrase from work you're making very good the enemy of perfect.

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