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Yep, after doing extensive research, I had to pass on the Cannons and Big Horns sold at Costco too (initially my #1 choice prior to doing my research)......those are easy to attack by non-sophisticated burglers. Ultimately settled on a 72x40 Sun Welding Safe, manufactured in Simi Valley. Went with the Pony Express model....awesome large safe for the price ($1,800 show special for base model....these guys will work with you on price too). Added a bunch of upgrades including enhanced fire protection, lockbox (welded to a safe within a safe), etc. Check them out, 10 guage steel and all continuously welded....

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Having looked at a lot of safes in the past few months (before ultimately ordering my Amsec safe.... I had bought a Fort Knox Defender, but it didn't fit where it was going )

I would have bought Big Horn or Cannon or Sentry, had I not done any research. After doing my research, I will not buy any of those unless I'm buying one of their higher end models. The main things that turned me off were the construction and composite door. Just like the guy shows in the safe video (that's posted everywhere), just feel the difference in the door when you swing a Cannon or Big Horn door open compared to an Amsec or Fort Knox safe. Likewise, rock the safe a bit and see how heavy it feels. The heavier safes usually means more steel is used used.

Ultimately, it's up to you on what you want to get. But I always facepalm when I see people say "Get Cannon because it's the best" with no really good explanations as to why. Just listing off the specs, you will see other safes with similar or better specs for a few hundred bucks more. But again, it's your choice on what to get.
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