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Originally Posted by 5shot View Post
If a agency looks good to you, go for it. If you stay in LE, you'll probably work 25-30 years. Things like benefits, salary, working conditions, will change during that time. Hopefully for the better, sometimes for the worse. But things seem to even out in the end. You'll also have opportunities to lateral transfer to another agency if you feel a need to work or live somewhere else.
In the 32 years I worked, my retirement benefits changed 4 times. All for the better. Now retirements are changing for the worse. But even at the worse, they are better then most anything available in the private sector.
And when the economy recovers history will repeat itself. People who really didn't want to be in law enforcement will leave for jobs in the private sector that provide higher salaries, more family friendly work schedules, and less stress and risk. Law enforcement will again have to compete for the best applicants. What they can't match in private sector salaries, they'll have to match with benefits.
Yeah i know the salary is not huge but does pay pretty well it just if the pension does not get funded when i were to retire that would put a pretty good hurting on me if i wasn't making enough to save up for my own personal retirement.

Originally Posted by DEPUTYBILL View Post
I have a retired friend from DOJ,he just got word the PERS cola will be over 4% this year.
Really? Thats very interesting.

Originally Posted by Armed24-7 View Post
I would reconsider working for an Diego PD or San Diego Sheriff's Dept for the reasons given above. Also, my brother just retired from San Diego Sheriff's Dept. I can honestly tell you, that department is awful. They are poorly trained, they lack many resources, and their union representatives is made up of Sergeants and Lieutenants. That is no about a conflict of interest! On top of that, they get paid quite poorly, while the cost of living is quite high down there.

San Diego PD isn't much better.

You may want to consider a large agency in Orange County (not Sheriff's) or perhaps L.A. County Sheriff's Department.

Good to know, I somewhat despise big cities though. SD is about the biggest i would want to go.
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