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Originally Posted by cpatbay View Post
Is APMEX stamped silver bars good to go?
Yes. What I mean by recognizable is something that most silver/coin dealers are familiar with vs super generic silver with tweety bird on it or happy birthday or no mint mark. Nothing wrong of those but they command the lowest premium over spot. Could be a good buy if the price is right.

I stick to a few mints, that way its easy to compare the markings and makes it easy to check for counterfeits [not a big problem but something to look out for]

Originally Posted by Stockton View Post
Anyone buy from Northwest Territorial Mint?
I have some of their rounds and bars [the stagecoach split-able bullion], but I've never ordered direct, they take a few weeks to process orders, too long for me.

As for socal locations the 3 spots I hit once in awhile that gave me fair prices and had good selection was:

London Coin Galleries, in Newport Beach.

Coin Connection on Del Mar in Pasadena [They moved last year a few blocks south from their old spot on fair oaks].

And CNI in Inglewood off the 405 and Manchester.

Plus the local coin shows when they come into town.

I find some of the places don't like looky-loos too much, depends on the guy behind the counter, but just roll in and ask for 10 oz of generic bars, vs price on maples or eagles, and see what they got.

I downloaded the kitco app for my phone so I can check spot prices before I go into the store to get a rough idea on what I should be paying for silver or gold. Note that the premium over spot will vary on product.

A generic silver eagle may run 1-2$ over spot, but a proof version [polished background] may run 4-5$ premium as a collector piece. Swiss PAMP silver on assay card may have a huge premium as well as any special edition bullion coins. Keep that in mind.

I'd start off getting a few generic bars and eagles, and figure out what you want to do after that, everyone is a bit different.

You'll see slabbed silver in plastic holders, they're usually graded collector coins which value is numismatic. That's more for collectors, but some value can be had there.
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