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Originally Posted by Sticka View Post
Thank you! There was a plethora of information in that video that took me half an hour to watch but would have probably taken me hours to scour the web on my own.

I'm looking at the Rhino 56 safe. Right in my price range and seems really well built. I'm also going to look at the Sturdy. Caught my eye as well. I think me and the wife are going to go down to west coast safe co and talk to a guy about the 2 safes. Anyone have experience with the Rhino?

A fireproof safe within the safe is an excellent idea. I didn't think of that before and it's an excellent idea.

Good point with the shelves bowing too, didn't think of that either.

Thanks for all the info guys. If you have any more wisdom to share, I'm here listening.
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