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Originally Posted by foreppin916 View Post
Im concerned now with using my standard capacity magazine because I have changed the body and some have pointed out this is not legal. I wish the CA laws were more clear on this. I am trying to follow the law to a T and cannot because of this mess. I guess im not bring that magazine to the range anymore. I dont think losing my permit is worth the extra 5 rounds. Yes those rounds could save my life. But I guess that just means I need to train more on reloading quicker!
I have yet to see any statute cited which makes replacement of a large-capacity magazine body illegal.

The statutes anticipate that parts wear out and these magazines may require maintenance and repair. Clearly, sections 32425(a) and (b) allow the transfer of large-capacity magazines to and from gunsmiths for the purpose of maintenance, repair and modification. The type of work is not constrained or limited by statute. If a magazine can only be repaired by replacement of the body, then that is what the gunsmith would do. If the gunsmith can make that modification, then so can you. You are not manufacturing a magazine.

To ensure future success, I would advise the following (would the "innocent until guilty" crowd please look away). It will be to your advantage to keep ready any and all records which show that you repaired the magazine by changing out the body. Keeping the old broken body, or showing that it was destroyed may also be helpful. Retain these documents until such time that your attorney may need them.



And let's not worry too much about whether a "replacement" is technically a "repair", as the entire automotive support industry will crumple.