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Arrow NM Collector Software February Giveaway

For February I am trying something different. I am giving away one each of the following:
1. NM Collector Software activation via email ($29.95 value)

2. One year NRA Membership ($25.00 value)

3. This is different!!! NM Collector Software branded for you or your organization with ongoing income stream to you (please see explanation below).
Just reply to this post to enter the contest. Contest ends the last day of February. Winners will be announced in this forum the first week of March. Please read important contest details below.

NM Collector Software is written by collectors for collectors. With bound book formatted reports it is excellent for collectors of C&R firearms. Please follow this NM Collector Software link to learn more about it. This giveaway is for the activation delivered via email. To use the activation you must download the software and then apply the activation to the downloaded software.

We all know what an NRA membership is. If you are the winner of the NRA one year membership, this particular offer can only be redeemed through my special "Join the NRA" recruiter link on this page. This link provides discounted NRA memberships through my official recruiter relationship with the NRA. If you are the winner of this contest you must purchase your membership through this page. NRA will notify me of your purchase. When notified of the purchase I will refund the discounted purchase price of $25.00.

Option 3 requires some explanation. I can "brand" NM Collector Software such that it has a custom image and title. In addition to the branding, I can set up a PayPal site that people can go to purchase your branded version. For every purchase of your branded version I will send you $10.00. Please see my Branding NM Collector Software page for more information about how this works and who is currently taking advantage of it!

Option 3 requires some special rules which are subject to change if you get me in trouble!
  1. No Copyrighted material unless you own the copyright.
  2. No posting the link to your branded software site without my prior approval.
  3. If you get me in trouble I will shut down your site!
  4. Royalty payments will be sent to you on a quarterly basis.
  5. Purchaser names will not be revealed but I will provide a PayPal transaction ID for each purchase.

Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.
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