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Originally Posted by trex65mil View Post
Hey guys, with tax season coming up, I'm expecting to get a refund and I was thinking of getting a safe with the money (if I can also convince my wife that is). I was hoping some of you might be able to give me some recommendations on what you've seen out there and what you like. Something I haven't seen very much of is a waterproof/resistant gun safe. I think if I got a big ol' safe I'd want to put some important papers in there too and if, god forbid, there was a fire or anything, I know they're fireproof to an extent, but when fire crews get there, they're gonna be hosing everything down. I'm looking for something in the 15-20 gun range. I'd appreciate it if you would just share some general knowledge you might have too (good brand, bad, different warranties) since I'm just starting to look around. Thanks.
Lots of options out there, of course a lot depends on your budget. When I was looking I looked at Liberty, Canon, American Security, Stack On, Fort Knox, Winchester, .......just saying I looked at a lot of safes. I finally settled on a Canon. I wanted one with a manual lock, but I got a great deal at one of the Crossroads gun shows in Del Mar.

As far as worrying about waterproof/water resistance, I would not sweat it too much with a well built safe. In the event it is sprayed with water during fire supression, I don't think much water would be able to intrude. Not enough to really worry about.

Some things to take into consideration while looking:
Fire ratings are different. One safe may say 30 mins at 1800 degrees, while another may say 60 mins at 1200 degrees.
Weight. The heavier the better.
Pre-drilled anchor holes are a plus.
AC outlet for dehumidifier/lights.
Do you want manual or electronic lock. I recommend manual.
Warranty. All the big names have great replacement warranties.
Can you move the shelving around to customize configuration.
What are the shelves made out of. I've seen some of the lower priced ones bowing under the weight of a few boxes of ammo.

Get a bigger safe than you think you will need. Trust me.
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