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Default Some finishing touches (one left to go)

********* 1/29/13 update *********

Working on the finishing touches now.
  1. Primed, painted and installed a motion sensor switch for the lighting system
  2. Ran all the wiring with the intent of tucking it into the column (zip tied all the connectors so nothing would get orphaned in the column when pulling them out for any reason)
  3. Re-purposed a Lee powder drop case. Did some bondo work to level the sides of the case where the screws would normally go as well as cut a hole for the adapter wires. Primed and painted it to match the stand.
  4. Noticed some minor crimping of the 5/16 spent primer tube as the press was down stroking, causing primers to get stuck. My initial thought was to put some screw clamps at the point(s) of crimping, but as I was running the idea by my son, he said he had some "wiring" he used for preventing tube crimping on his liquid cooling PC system he built. Tried it out and it worked perfectly, so I primed and painted that. Elegant solution. Smart kid!
Last touch is the cover. Picked up some red (for the exterior) and black (inside) cloth and that is "under construction" now.

Finishing touches:
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