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I am with you on that, though I am not a fan of the GI fiberglass. That Blackfeather does look very sweet.

Now saying that though, all these options outside of the JAE (which I have one in), make them AW in California unless you remove the mag release. I am not aware of any bullet-button like config other than people using a screw driver, which doesn't appeal to me. I just haven't been sold on anything, and I like using my pre-ban 20 rounders. I did not RAW in 2000 an M1A.

Originally Posted by QuarterBoreGunner View Post
You know, I'm not a huge fan of the SAGE stocks and the other HS/LD stuff on an M1A/M14. A plain walnut stock or a GI issue fiberglass one is good enough for me.


With that being said, that Blackfeather chassis is dead sexy.

Dammit, and I was all set to pick up another M1A before this friggin' pants-on-head stupid panic hit. Guess I'll see if I can wait it out or just bite the bullet.
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