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Originally Posted by desertexplore View Post
Keep converting the anti's and neutrals to our side. I have a neutral adult female friend who wants to go to the range with me this week.

Keep pushing forward!
This is actually one of our most effective tools for changing public opinion -unfortunately it takes a long time to do this one friend at a time. Inviting someone to go shooting can change their viewpoint - even if they don't take you up on the offer.

I was in a discussion on FB with some guys I went to high school with back int he day, and they were demonizing AR-15s - saying things like "You are probably a safe and sane gun owner, and you'd never own something as dangerous as that AR-15 assault rifle - nobody needs a machine gun". My response was to invite them to come shooting with me, and a promise to let them fire one of my ARs, so they could see what a great target rifle it is, how the safety features work, and give them a chance to see why it is such a popular rifle. Neither took me up on the offer, but one of them has stopped calling AR-15s "Assault rifles", and has become a bit more moderate about anti-gun comments.

When you introduce someone to safe and legal shooting, you remove some of the barriers they have and reduce their ignorance.

Just make sure you take them to a legitimate range - where shooters are safe and polite. You want them to have a positive firearms experience, not to play into stereotypes of irresponsible hooligans or rednecks playing with guns in an unsafe manner.
“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
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