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Originally Posted by P5Ret View Post
Like most thing no one can say for certain what is in the future. Pension systems vary CalPers seems to be doing fine. I believe San Diego has their own system, so you may have to look at their system individually. CalPers is by far the largest, but there are still quite a few counties, and cities who have their own system.
Yeah my friends dad is kinda high in SD govt and he says even though they look good on the outside their fiscal situation is all screwed up.

Originally Posted by retired View Post
You might want to reconsider San Diego City since they changed their pension system I believe as a result of the local election. Both they and the SO have been known for decades for being 2 of the lowest paid depts. around.

I know you said you weren't going into it for the money and rest assured, none of us ever did, but you should check out their new pension rules and check out some salaries and pensions of other depts.
How do i look into that exactly? I have been reading all i can on their websites but trying to read 20 pages of adobe reader is confusing and hard to get good info.

Originally Posted by jaysen View Post
3% @ 50 is long gone, if you're not vested in PERS as of Dec 31, 2012. Only two things are certain in life; Death and Taxes. No one knows the stability of PERS, but most seem to think they're going to do just fine...

Where else could you work 3 days a week (theoretically speaking) making $100K+ a year? I've yet to find a place

Like Retired stated, SDPD is not CalPERS, they are apart of the "37 Act"... None of us ever started on this path chasing paper, but I', sure there are plenty that wish they did... GO WHERE THE MONEY is AT! But in all seriousness consider what you might want to accomplish short/long term. If a special assignment is something you'd like to do in 2-3 years after training/probation a bigger agency might suit you... the flip side to that is bigger agency usually means more competition.

A nice median is a Smedium size dept with 80-120 Sworn - like Irvine, doesn't hurt they are typically one of the HIGHER paid in CA
See thats what im curious about like the Act 37 stuff. I know nothing about that really or how to look that up. Maybe going to the highest paying department and saving the money i make like someone in the private sector would do and if i get the pension then great, if not then it sucks but im prepared on my own.

Originally Posted by tahoetarga View Post
I echo Jayson's comments...big cities are having big problems: San Jose is losing cops left and right. Look at smaller agencies: still lots of opportunity and variety, and still good retirement.
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