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Default New Pistol For Fiance

Hi All,
My fiance has been hunting with me for 5-6 years and now she wants to get into pistol shooting. The only pistol I have that really fits her is an old Makarov.

I also want this gun to function as our HD gun that can sit in the nightstand and the Makarov isn't very reliable. I recently transfered an XDM .45 and was planning on using that as my HD night stand gun, but found out Saturday that my fiance isn't strong enough to rack it back.

So basically I have a great excuse to purchase a new gun. I am thinking a 9mm would suit her well. She is a small woman with smaller hands, about 5-6, 125 so I need a medium to small size framed gun that is light. The 4.5" XDM looks like a desert eagle in her hands...

I have been reading a lot of reviews on here the last few days but wanted to check in and see if any of you had first hand experience with a similar gun for the ladies.

I am willing to spend up to $1k but would like to keep it less.

Any advice/recommendations are appreciated.

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