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Originally Posted by ThemBastards View Post
The range is the only world I am trying to conquer with it.
The BHP is a great gun, but like other have stated, the CZ75 is a great handgun that will fill multiple rolls. HD/ccw/Range. If you are going to shoot a lot of paper the sp-01 is your best bet. All steel, proven design, reliable, durable, the most accurate handgun I ever shot, da/sa, they just work. I love glocks cuz they are striker fired. But my all time fav hammer fired handgun is the CZ p-01. It's the smaller version of the sp-01. It's NATO approved and built like a tank, it would be that gun you pass down to your son, and he will do the same, for generations. Nothing wrong with passing down a plastic glock, just the cz will become an heirloom, you know, special.

Go with CZ if you don't feel like second guessing you choice. Like I said before the Cz is the Glock of the hammer fired world no dout. Good luck
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