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Originally Posted by cburn View Post
She moved to Nevada in October and she said she has only changed her bills and her address threw USPS. Her cars / DMV/drivers license , bank is still for California.

Also, I talked to the DOJ. And they said it was perfectly legal to cross state lines with a family members firearm. Even if it is not in my name yet. He also said I just need to fill out the form and make sure I put down my hand gun safety permit number on the form. He also said it will take around 6-8 weeks for paperwork to be complete and that I don't have to wait. I can go pick it up.

Now I'm confused.
If I were you I would just do what they told you, asking legal advice from a bunch of wanta be wiki lawyers is the last thing you should do.

Idont think there is anything wrong with what you are going to do as long as the weapon is not banned in CA. Off roster is fine.
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