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Default Effective school safety improvements?

The Feinstein/McCarthy gun ban bill includes Naughty and Nice lists - firearms that are called out by name. Here's one that appears on the Naughty list, and indeed it looks pretty scary.

This is a modified original .50 Browning Machine Gun, the one you remember from all the WWII movies. The TNW M2HB is a semi-automatic ONLY, belt-fed, tripod or pintle mounted rifle that fires .50 Caliber rounds that cost between $4-7.50 per bang. The whole thing weighs 84 pounds and lists for $8,600.00. With its historical interest it is popular among well-heeled target shooters, collectors, movie companies, re-enactors and military vehicle enthusiasts. No, you already can't have one in California.

Rifles generally are used in a tiny fraction of gun crimes, which are a very small fraction of crimes overall. The semi-automatic rifles on the Naughty list are even less represented in the commission of crimes, though they are (perhaps even more frequently) used in defense against crimes.

Has any criminal ever used a .50 Caliber rifle (whether bolt action, semi-auto, or select fire) in commission of a crime? [I believe the answer might be twice in the century since its invention, but I would appreciate corrections.] If you were a deranged lunatic psychopathic felon intent upon wreaking havoc in a "gun-free zone" because there's no danger to you and it's populated with soft targets, would this be your weapon of choice?

This listing demonstrates how the Feinstein/McCarthy gun ban bill has no serious intent on improving public safety, particularly in schools. The authors are "waving the bloody T-shirt" to use the media hype around recent shocking tragedies to advance their agenda of disarming responsible, law-abiding citizens.
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