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Originally Posted by xrMike View Post
I will 2nd this recommendation. Excellent vibram sole with good ventilation, so your socks don't get all sweaty. Probably not great for winter/snow, more of a 3-season boot, but for everything else this boot is awesome, with good traction in wet or dry dirt, and on rock also. I keep meaning to get a 2nd pair, in case they ever discontinue them. I wear mine a lot. Very comfy. Wife says I look like a dork in them, but I don't care.
Hmm been reading through the reviews there, and overall the ratings are good, but there are enough reviews that talk about bad craftsmanship I'm worried. Like this one:

I am experiencing problems like others have had:
1.) Tongue is so high and tight that I can not actually insert my foot into the boot without modification
2.)Inner bootie liner becomes unattached from the sole and tangles up foot when trying to remove
3.)Fabric along the eyelets has pulled out from under the top layer of material

Biggest problem is the tight tongue. I had to cut a 2 inch slit thru the tongue so that it will spread apart enough to let my foot in the boot. Even with this, it's still an ordeal struggling to put the darn boots on. I'll have to cut it wider. A rear bootstrap is needed. Speedlaces: Ha! They work fine, but you'll be spending 10 mins per boot putting them on because of the tongue..

2nd big problem, and the deal breaker, is the loose bootie inner liner. Pulling your foot out causes the liner to get snagged (prolapsed) with your foot and jams so tightly that you'll have to stick something like a wooden ruler to stuff it back in while removing the foot. It aint easy. It takes 10 mins to put each boot on and another 15 mins struggling to take one off. Since they can't be returned, I'll struggle with this routine for now, but soon, very soon, I'll be tired of this self torture and just throw the darn boots in the trash. These are the "a" "first run" boots btw.
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