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They are assembled domestically yes, but the parts are still imported which still fall under the German export restrictions.

Originally Posted by GunVault.TV View Post
Thanks for the insight and well wishes. We're a media outlet, not an importer or exporter of firearms, so excuse our questions if they sound elementary for those in the know.

Your explanation would also seem to account for why HKs are generally on the "higher end" of the price spectrum, but everyone we've spoken to has always indicated it was because of reputation and quality, not the costs associated with production and distribution.
In that case, best of luck with your future success. It would actually be very interesting to see how it turns out. I'd be very excited if I could have free or cheap access to a complete overview of SHOT show without having to actually pay and attend the show. It would also be nice to have a single integrated place to visit for all firearms related releases, announcements, etc. rather than hitting up 5 different manufacturers or blogs to see what's new.

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