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I just wish I had more coin I would have bought another 1-2 G35's for $450 shipped that were Guv trade ins... the ones I got looked carried a lot ,not shot much, and the Trit sights are still good!

I think you can buy them for retail still at

What chafes me is at the G show in costa mesa, people were asking like 66-100 FOR A 10 ROUND MAG !!! I think the rebuild kits were going for similar also... Of course all mag prices are just effin stupid....

On an UP note, I paid $25/50 rds of Win 40 sw 180gr bonded HP.... $10 more than i paid in Dec but still same or CHEAPER than 9mm was going for... hell some brands were $50/50 for FMJ...... and when 308 is cheaper than 223/556 in a lot of cases, summpin aint right!
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